SLRC Wetsuit Rental Policy

Rental Details

1. One rental fee may be used as credit towards the purchase of a new wetsuit through December 31 of the same year of the rental.

2. The rental wetsuit may be picked up on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Regardless of the day of pickup, it must be dropped off on the Monday immediately following the event. A $60 late fee will be applied if not returned by the time the store closes on Monday.

3. Rental fees are due in full at the time of reservation.

4. No cancellations will be refunded within the last 5 days of the reservation. (The Friday prior to the pickup date)

Extra Day Fee

With prior arrangement, rental wetsuits may be picked up early or kept for an extra day for an additional $10 per day. Extra days are not prorated so if a customer wants to pick up their suit at 6:59pm the day before the scheduled pick-up date they will get charged the full $10 additional day fee. Extra days are subject to the availability of the reserved size and style and are not guaranteed to be available.

Late Fee

All wetsuits are due back the Monday following the event unless other arrangements have been made. If the rental wetsuit is not brought back during store hours on Monday the customer will be charged a late fee of $60. If the suit is still not brought back by the end of business hours on Tuesday the customer will be charged for the full retail price of the wetsuit in addition to the $60 late fee and the applicable rental fee. Late fees are not applicable to the purchase of a suit.

Cleaning Fee

The customer is responsible for returning the wetsuit in a clean condition. There are many events that have dirt or sand transitions and will require the suit to be cleaned before it is returned. If the suit is not clean when it is returned the customer will be charged a $10 cleaning fee. Please see the reverse side of this sheet for wetsuit care instructions.

Damage Fee

Wetsuits are for swimming only and NOT for canyoneering. If the wetsuit is returned with damage that requires us to send it to be repaired there will be a $25 repair fee assessed to the customer. If the wetsuit is not repairable the customer will be charged the full retail price of the wetsuit.

Non-Use Policy

There are no refunds or credits given in the case that the customer does not use the wetsuit for what ever reason including, but not limited to weather, injury, cancellation of the event, cancellation of the swim of the event, did not do the event etc.

Purchasing Wetsuits

1. The most recent one-time regular rental fee (not including taxes and extra fees) may be used as credit towards the retail price of any brand new wetsuit through December 31 of the same year of the rental. All wetsuit purchases are subject to availability.

2. The full retail price will be applicable if the customer has not rented from any of the Salt Lake Running Company locations in the same calendar year.

3. The rental suits are not for sale and may not be purchased. They are demo wetsuits for renting only.