Wetsuit Care Instructions


1. Check the wetsuit for damage and cleanliness before leaving the store.

2. Keep the wetsuit in a bag or container while traveling.

3. Swim fast!

4. If using the wetsuit in a chlorinated pool please rinse thoroughly after use following the steps listed below.

5. After using the wetsuit:

a. Rinse thoroughly with clean water (lake and pond water is usually not considered clean)

i. Rinse the outside of the suit first

ii. Turn the suit inside-out and rinse the inside of the suit

iii. Hang to dry inside out

iv. Once dry, turn the suit right-side-out and hang to dry again

b. Keep suit in a clean bag or container until it can be returned to Salt Lake Running Company

6. Report any damage to SLRC upon returning the suit. Most minor damage can be fixed in the store and will not be subject to the damage fee.

Do Not’s:

1. Do Not – Leave suit exposed to direct sunlight or in a hot location for an extended period of time.

2. Do Not – Use any sort of soap or detergent when cleaning the suit.

3. Do Not – Return suit dirty to Salt Lake Running Company.

4. Do Not – Return suit late