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***We will be holding a clinic on June 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm to answer any questions you might have! It will be at our 700 E store. More info about it here.***

This year there will be more people running relay races than ever before in the history of running. Utah is home to some of the most sought after relays, including RAGNAR’s Wasatch Back Relay, Red Rock Relay, Zions Relay, R-Scape’s 18 Hours of Ogden, and many more.


If you are planning on participating in an event of this type, here are just a few items you will absolutely need:


  1. Reflective Vest: There are lots of options, but make sure you get a good one. Some vests are not very reflective, and unless a light is shining directly on you, you will not be seen. Amphipod makes the vest we recommend the most.

  2. Blinking Light: You will for sure need a blinking light for your rear end. This will help you to be seen when you are running in the dark.

  3. Headlamp: So you can see where you are going, and so people can see you from the front. We like Black Diamond. Not only are they local, but they make great products.

  4. Hydration: There are many legs of relays that are not supported. Even on legs that are supported, you should still carry water! It gets hot! There are lots of options for carrying water, but my personal favorite is a hydration vest. They are often a lot more comfortable than waist belts, and hold more water too.

  5. Shoes: Obviously shoes are a very important part of running. Make sure you are in good shoes that are no older than 1 year and are not worn out. If you got suckered on to a team last minute and are planning to wear the shoes you have had lying around for the last 5 years, think again. Do yourself, and your team a solid and get some new, non-stinky shoes.


Strongly suggest you have:

  1. Three sets of clothing: When you sweat in your running clothes, the salt will crystalize on your clothes and if you run in them again, you can chafe like no other. And, you will smell to high heaven. Pack your outfits in zip-lock bags so you have everything together and it will not take up a lot of space. You can then reuse the zip lock bags to store your sweaty clothes to save your van-mates from dry-heaving.

  2. Stick Roller: When you get in the van after a leg, you will start to tighten up. Use the stick roller to loosen up your muscles so you are ready for your next leg. This is probably the most-stolen item in ragnar vans… just saying. It’s because they are AWESOME.

  3. Recovery Drink: It is important to supply your body with nutrients after your runs so you are fueled for your next leg. While most distances in relays do not require energy supplements, recovery beverages are very important. They provide your body with the carbohydrates and protein to repair damage and replenish glycogen stores. Ultragen is my favorite!

  4. Compression: Compression is probably the most effective recovery tool besides recovery nutrition. Wearing socks or sleeves will prevent soreness, tightness, and increase circulation.

  5. Salt tablets: If it gets hot, the chances of cramping drastically increases. Salt Stick, Endurolytes, Metasalts, etc. are great at replenishing the electrolytes and salts your lose through sweating.

  6. Three pairs of socks: There shouldn’t be a need for me to explain this.

  7. Deodorant: Or this.


We will be holding a clinic on June 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm to answer any questions you might have! It will be at our 700 E store. More info about it here.

Good luck to you and your relay team! Please enter your e-mail address to download the Salt Lake Running Company Relay Checklist![email-download download_id=”9421″ contact_form_id=”9425″]

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