Race Preview: Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon

by Kim Frei

For those who are planning on participating in the Canyonlands events this weekend, whether it be the half marathon or 5 mile run, here is a little preview on what to expect.

The course is beautiful. Following the Colorado River most of the way it is a scenic and enjoyable run for a first time racer or the experienced runner.  The elevation gain/lost chart also proves to be in the favor of those looking for a personal best, for the most part it is a gradual decline (will most likely feel more flat than anything) with occasional small hills. Throughout the half marathon the net elevation change is merely -77 feet, which means after adding up how much elevation you gain and subtracting how much you lose on the 13.1 miles ultimately it is a downhill course with a greater loss of 77 feet.

Moab Elevation Map


The day before the event (Friday, March 14) is packet pickup! Time to see all the goodies you get in the bag right! The event will be held at the Center Street Gym on… you guessed it Center Street. It will begin at 1pm and continue until 9pm, there you will see lots of booths and brands, especially yours truly Salt Lake Running Co. always there to help you with your last minute race day needs!!

Race day!

Now to make sure you get to the shuttles ON TIME, which leave promptly between 7:30-8:15 am. There are lots and lots of participants and organization is key. Be on time and if I were you carpooling/walking/ being dropped off at the shuttle pick up is probably a good idea because parking is bound to be a mad house.

The first wave of runners begin at 9:30 with the Five mile run, followed by the wheel chair start at 9:50 then the half marathon at 10:00! It’s a long wait after the shuttle drops you off at the starting line, but it’ll be some good down time, right? Plus the Moab Half Marathon website says they will have hot chocolate and coffee waiting for the early arrivers. BONUS.

The race will also be supplying a gear bag transport so you can stash all your sweaters and gloves only to find them at the finish line…talk about VIP treatment.  Dress warm and be ready for a great run guys! See their FAQs here.

If you’ve run the Moab Half Marathon before, do you have any advice for first timers? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Safe travels and happy running! See ya this weekend!

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