Product Spotlight: New Nuun Flavors!

By Amanda Theobald

I remember when I was little as I was drinking water my mom asked me, “what does that taste like? But you can’t describe it as water.” I couldn’t think of anything except, “uh, nothing.”  Clearly I was a very imaginative and well-spoken child. Since then, I have been drinking water pretty much all time. It stills tastes ultimately the same, like water– except Florida water, that stuff is gross. Sometimes its nice to mix it up a bit and hydrate with some flavor. Nuun is just one option to hydrate in a more flavorful way. Nuun is little effervescent tabs that you drop in your water, dissolving quickly without stirring or shaking. if you only need a little bit of water you can break them into smaller pieces and save the rest for later. They have zero sugar and only 8 calories. They are the perfect electrolyte product for day to day hydration, and intense physical activity. Restoring electrolytes is very important, as they can get out of balance from drinking a large amount of water in a short period of time, regularly not drinking enough water, or sweating. Electrolytes help more water enter your blood stream, rather than passing through you. Therefore, you will become more hydrated, which honestly most of us could use. We have all heard a lack of electrolytes can lead to cramping during exercise, but even if you have never cramped (I haven’t), you can still benefit from electrolytes. If ever I have a headache, my first attempt to fix it is to supplement some electrolytes.

Plus Nuun actually tastes really good. And I am not just saying that because they are paying me to, in fact no one is paying me for this. This is just one attempt to try to make up for my unimaginative childhood. Not all the flavors are amazing, but they recently came out with some pretty delicious (as delicious as water can be) flavors. There flavors are, in no particular order, as follows. I will restrain myself from getting all food critique-y because we are talking about pretty simple flavors that really describe themselves. Kind of like water being described as water. Oh no, here we go again.


Grape: Tastes like Pixie Stix. And yeah, I’m a 12 year old at heart, so that’s a good thing.

Strawberry Lemonade: Delicious. My new favorite.

Tropical: I actually haven’t tried this. Oops. Sorry. Bet its good.

Orange: This actually isn’t new, they just dropped the “Ginger” part of the name cause it freaked people out. I can see why, but this flavor is not gingery or freaky. It is not like drinking orange juice, its more like orange cider, if that existed. Does that exist?

Lemon Tea: Not a fan, but I don’t like any teas, ever. But other people like it, its not a botched flavor.

Fruit Punch: Elizabeth’s most favorite. She says it tastes like childhood.


The other flavors are.

Kona Cola: as classic as it sounds.

Tri-berry, one of the sweetest flavors, I detect more strawberry than raspberry and ultimately no blueberry. Okay that’s not true, my artificial flavor palette is not that refined; I just taste general berry-ness.

Citrus Fruit: Delicious. My old favorite. Okay, I’m indecisive, still my favorite.

Banana: I think it tastes like a banana runt, but I could have assumed that is what it would taste like and so that’s what I interpreted the flavor as. This is getting complicated.

Lemon-Lime: Unmemorable. I know I have had it but I can’t remember what it tastes like.

So really I just think you should try them. And stay hydrated, it will be summer before we know it and all of us will be sweating like crazy. Like crazy, sweating fools. Embrace it. It’s natural. When I say we, I mean boys and girls; girls don’t glisten. Don’t tell me I glisten.



Want more information on Nuun? Here is another blog about the product in general.



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