Product Review: The Rebound Racer from Moving Comfort

By Elizabeth Jenkins

I just found an amazing bra and I want to tell the women of the world about it! It is called the Rebound Racer from Moving Comfort. It is similar to the Juno from Moving Comfort but not as padded or as difficult to get on but with practically the same support. This bra is great. Read on for a few more reasons.

1. It is fully adjustable in the straps! NO more too tight straps, or straps that fall down…how embarassing, annoying and uncomfortable!

2. There is absolutely no stretch in the straps! This is the number one culprit for bounce. Stretchy straps take a lot of support and throw it right out the window. If you want a bra to keep you from looking like a couple marbles in a pair of pantyhose, then stick with a bra that has stretchy straps.

3. The back has a racer back AND a latch closure for extra bounce control!

4. The straps are thick and padded so they don’t cut into you. The non-stretchiness helps with this too.

5. The bra uses encapsulation to keep the girls where they need to be. This is great because it eliminates the “uniboob’ look and gives great shape. Other bras which use compression to hold everything in give you one giant boob with no shape. While compression bras are great for A and B cups, some of us have grapefruits to smuggle….For B or bigger cups, go with a bra which uses encapsulation and you will thank me.

6. The contoured lines or seams on the front add great shape as well and are very flattering for all those women who are fortunate to be able to run in just a bra and shorts.

7. It is made of breathable, wicking fabric and has mesh paneling in the front to help with the swoob (sweaty boobs) action.

8. It comes in a few different colors. The one we have in stock at our 700 East location is like the one pictured, but in a gray instead of blue. I LOVE IT. It is super cute and the cost on it is $48.00.

If you would like to come try one out, come in to our 700 E store. We can also measure you to make sure we get you into the right size. If you know your size and just want to buy one, come in or you can call us at 801-484-9144 and we can ship it right out to you! We are so thoughtful!

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