Product Review: CLIF Builder Bars

“Wow! That was an awesome run! I really pushed the pace there for a while! I deserve some deli slices of turkey or something, right? Oh, man there’s ice cream in the freezer! Oh yeah, and pounds of bison! Oh sweet, cheese too?!?!?!! Melt down some of this White chocolate on that ice cream and make a sundae!! Top it with a banana, that’s healthy! Balance that out with some salt from our friendly ‘tater chips! How many calories were those 4 electrolyte gels I took? Who cares! I ran. I can eat whatever I want!”

I run, therefore I eat. As beloved and sacred a mantra this is to us runners, evil lurks inside every shiny Doritos bag! How often have you run the above scenario through your head during a post-workout kitchen pillage, though. Apart from the bison meat, which I fully endorse, but is an entirely different story, we always draw to the most damaging foods we can find don’t we?

You need to fuel after a run, but you need to do it smart. Psychologically this can be a challenge and I’ve found from experience that finding good filling foods containing the necessary nutrients your body is craving is key. You can stuff endless amounts of junk in your body and be full but not satisfied. Your body is asking for specific things.

Primarily, it wants to reload on carbohydrates and recover with protein. Recently, I’ve found Clif Brand “Builder’s Bars” have really hit my post-workout “spot” if you will. They pack a punch with 20g of soy protein, which is a lot to ask of a little bar. Also, they contain whole flax seed meal. Flax seeds contain Essential Fatty Acids that, other than being required by all cells and tissues of the body, aid brain function, lower blood sugar, improve mineral metabolism, and reduce inflammation. Plus, your body can’t produce these EFAs
so you have to eat them. Each bar also packs a pretty heavy sodium and potassium punch. Not to mention, that if you’re the type to read ingredients, you’ll see “organic” almost obnoxiously placed before most every ingredient. Which is a good thing.

Personally, since I’ve found out whey protein doesn’t sit well with me, I’ve missed my sweet, rich, post-workout chocolate smoothie. So, the “Builder’s Bars” soy protein-packed flavors have been a welcome addition to my daily nutrition! Do you crave a bowl of vanilla ice cream?    Vanilla Almond “Builder’s Bars” are for you! Peanut butter by the spoonful type of gal? Peanut Butter “Builder’s Bars” do the trick! Like to grind Oreos into milk and make Oreo cereal? Try Cookies N’ Cream “Builder’s Bars”. Personally, I love the Lemon “Builder’s Bars” that way I don’t have to buy four bags of Starburst to make an entirely yellow bag of Lemon Starburst to undo my perfectly good run! Come pick some up from Salt Lake Running Co. for after your next long run! After all, won’t the pancake house breakfast being even sweeter when kept for race day?


Until next time:

Run long, Eat well, Be kind!

Sir Adam Pritchard


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