Product Review: 110% Compression Gear

By Elizabeth Jenkins

These pieces of compression apparel are unlike any other compression apparel we have seen. With compression becoming more and more a part of endurance training, there has been a lot of innovation. We have seen socks, calf sleeves, arm sleeves, shorts, pants, but never have we seen a product so transitional from active compression to recovery compression.

The unique thing about the 110% apparel is that they are double layered with pockets to house ice packs. WHAT?!  Yes. That is right, ice packs (included).

Increase performance and speed recovery:

The pieces are designed with graduated compression for increased circulation and to reduce swelling. The compression decreases muscle vibration, thus decreasing muscle fatigue and increasing efficiency.


They are made with 70% Polypropylene/30% Spandex, thus making them very durable as well as multi-functional. You can wear them swimming, biking, running, and during just about anything else you can think of. The ice packs are completely reusable and last about 6 months.

Travel friendly:

The bag your 110% compression wear comes in doubles as a portable cooler. It will keep your ice packs frozen while you are out training or racing. When you are done, you simply slide the ice packs into their pockets and you are on your way to a faster recovery.


Compression apparel can be used for a variety of injuries and for injury prevention. Here are some common uses:

Knee: Patellar tendonitis, runner’s or Jumper’s knee, chondromalacia and in some cases, IT band syndrome.

Calf sleeves: Calf strain, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, or just general tightness in the calves.

Shorts: Gluteal strains, periformis syndrome, quad or hamstring pain/strain, hip flexor pain, or IT band syndrome.


Knee Sleeve $55
Calf Sleeves: $75
Shorts: $110




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