New Product Review: The Grid 2.0 From Trigger Point Therapy

By Elizabeth Jenkins


The wait is over!  The  Grid 2.0 foam roller by Trigger Point Therapy IS HERE!


You’ve probably all seen the traditional white foam rollers:

While these are a good option for most people at $30, they aren’t going to cut it for those of us who have significantly tighter muscles or more severe cases of common running injuries. I have suffered from IT band syndrome for a few months now, and these white rollers don’t do much for me. These rollers will get the job done for a portion of the running population, but there is something better for those of us who need something a little more aggressive. The Grid.

Here is the Traditional Grid ($40):

This beauty is a lot more firm than the traditional solid foam rollers. It has different textures to mimic palms, fingers, and finger tips while rolling. It is hollow on the inside so it is easily packed for travel. It will last a VERY long time, while regular foam rollers will have to be replaced because they lose their density over time. I love my roller because it fits in the bottom of my back back, never loses it’s shape or density, and has the different texture zones. I love this thing and I think it is worth every penny. If there was one thing I could change about my favorite little roller, it would be it’s length. I would really like it to be longer. What’s that you say?  Trigger Point Therapy

Just when we thought the Grid roller couldn’t get any better, it did.


Behold! The Grid 2.0 ($65)!

This roller is AWESOME. All the benefits of the smaller roller, minus packability, but is now big enough to roll out your back, shoulders, and can be used for other exercises. Its exactly double the size. It’s completely awesome. Come try it out at our 700 East store! Or come to our next foam rolling class and try it there!



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