My Running Clothes STINK! Product Review: Sport-Wash by Penguin

By Elizabeth Jenkins

Does it seem like no matter how many times you wash your running clothes, they still smell? You aren’t alone. Here’s why:

It’s not you, it’s your detergent… Regular detergents leave behind moisture-trapping residue and make excellent homes for bacteria. Bacteria stink! Also, regular detergents clog pores in water resistant performance attire and make them pretty much worthless.  Bacteria also forms in another way. Technical fibers in athletic clothing are designed to allow sweat to evaporate or “wick” away quickly to regulate body temperature while running. The problem is, when the sweat evaporates, the bacteria doesn’t go with it.  It sticks around to grow and make friends with the bacteria left over from your previous runs.

Rather than throw them away,  or soak them in vinegar, or some other strange solution, just get this:


Penguin Sport-Wash  is residue-free and non-allergenic.  It works by washing away residues left by regular detergents, removing dirt, eliminating odors,  neutralizing bacteria, and restoring breathability, moisture-wicking, and factory applied waterproofing (DWR). It is also biodegradable! (Many detergents these days are not!)

Don’t go re-spend hundred of dollars on running clothes just because they stink. Keep your high-tech fabrics smelling, feeling, looking and working like new by using a cap full of this detergent rather tha nyour other detergent. It is safe to use also because it has no artificial colors or perfumes.

I have used this product ever since I discovered it existed over a year ago. I love it. It is a little more expensive than a regular detergent, but you use way less, polute the water way less, and don’t have to smell like a gym locker even before you put your running shoes on. The price per load ends up being about the same, or less than a pricier detergent like Tide, but it will work way better for your technical clothes.





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