The Marathon Day Marriage Prep

By Debbie Perry

Some people mistakenly think that their wedding was the biggest day of their life. These people probably haven’t run a marathon. Especially when you are running your first marathon, you feel like are finally tying the knot with that hard earned, yet elusive lover. The only problem is that the isle you will travel down to do the deal is 26.2 miles long. Long enough to call it quits! So, what preparation do you make to hold onto the romance and make it last all the way to the finish line? Is there really a way, to make the marathon marriage just a formality of the running relationship you have just built? Consider the following tips before embarking on your marathon journey to the alter.

1. Do your last long run of 20-22 miles 3 weeks out from the event. Men don’t like to be pushed and rushed and neither does your running legs. You need that much time to absorb your training, recover and feel good for your big day.

2. Practice your race day nutrition before and during every long run. A marriage certificate does not a relationship fix. Whatever behavior you exhibit before the marathon will be the same as the day of the event. Therefore, by race day, your nutrition plan should be habit! Working out the kinks and discovering how high maintenance your fuel needs will be is what training(ha ha…and dating) are all about. Since no marathon or marriage will ever be perfect, learning how to take care of your energy needs will help you overcome other challenges and kinks that may be thrown your way. The following articles are a must read Fueling for a race over 3 hours long and long run/race breakfast. They also link to other articles on electrolytes, gels and hydration.

3. Use and check what gear you will be running in. No one likes surprise behavior from their significant other. This is easy to avoid when it comes to race day equipment. Make sure your shirt,shorts,socks, fuel belt and shoes have been worn and gotten use to ahead of time. Even though you may hear stories of wearing new shoes in a race, it is not recommended. For more information on your marathon shoe read Getting a shoe ready for a marathon.

4. The week of the marathon. Not wanting to let one detail of your big day fall through the cracks and feeling like you are more than ready shouldn’t be too hard if you have done the above three items. But, to confidently seal the deal, then the important thing you can do is RELAX! The prep work is all over, you have a firm grasp on what to do,what to eat, what to wear and how you will feel. You are now ready to learn a bit about carb loading and last week tips. With all that knowledge, you should be breathing deep and enjoying life this last week. Be ready to savor the emotion of your very ownwedding on wheels!

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