Marathon, Half marathon,10K or 5K taper

You have done the work, run the long runs, got your shoes and gels ready, and are ready to rock come race day. But, what do you do to get ready for the big day when you are 5-7 days out? Do you rest? Run a little? Stretch? Well, how your legs feel on race day will partially depend on how you have tapered the week of. Here is an example of what a rest week might look like for a Saturday marathon or half marathon race

Saturday: 60 minutes
Sunday: Off
Monday: 45 minute run with *8 X 200 meters fast followed by a 200 jog*
Tuesday: 30 minute run and stretch well and moderately do *Trigger Point or Massage*
30 minute run with *6 X 200 meters fast followed by a 200 jog*
Friday: Jog for 30 minutes and stretch lightly
Saturday: Marathon or Half Marathon

**only do the activities marked in the astrix if you have already been doing them. Otherwise skip it.

Overall, here are some tips to keep in mind during this taper week.

  • Do active recovery
  • The best day to take off is two days away from race.
  • Do the 200 meter strides to keep blood volume up so you don’t arrive to the start feeling
  • lethargic.
  • Stretch
  • Get extra sleep
  • Relax emotionally
  • Get clothes, shoes, and food ready 2-3 days out so you have time to get something you thought you had but didn’t. Read marathon nutrition article
  • Pick up race number
  • Double check race start and bus shuttle times.
  • Drink extra water and eat wisely. Read Carbo Load article
  • Get excited! Relaxed, but excited!

Any event you do will be icing on the cake for all the work you have put in. For some people it is a chance to publically express their innermost goals, pursuits and passions. Sometimes, events are just celebrations of being alive and actively living. Either way, rest up, run smart and good luck!

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