Introducing: The Walking Training Group!

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Evans and I will be coaching the new walking group. I wanted to give a shout out and tell you a little bit about me what the walking group is all about.

If you want to start exercising to get more fit, this group is for you!  You can train to walk a race or event, or just walk just to feel better physically and mentally.

Walkers, even though they aren’t running, still  need proper footwear, apparel, accessories, etc. to maximize the benefits from their work out,

I don’t believe that everyone is a runner. I do believe that physical fitness is a necessity in life. My current motivation is my children. Especially my son who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Because of the demands of motherhood and especially the demands of having a disabled child I have to work out! I love walking!

This group is for everyone no matter what your current fitness level is. We will learn about a new topic each week. Topics include the benefits of walking, footwear, attire, accessories, hydration, nutrition, safety and preventing injuries. We will walk every class so come dressed to walk! Come and learn, socialize and get your walk on! Moms…bring your kids in strollers and joggers! It will be fun!!!

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