It’s spring but it won’t be for long! During the days of summer, we have lots of great opportunities to get outside, run and train, and usually during that time, it gets hotter while our runs get longer.

You may have seen our awesome blog on how why runners should stay hydrated and been wondering, “but how do I bring all of my water, electrolytes AND nutrition with me without breaking out my out-of-date, yet still stylish, fanny pack?” Hydration for runners is a must, especially on those long-distance runs, but how do you take water with you while on the go? The answer lies in hydration vests, belts, and handheld water bottles that can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your unique needs.

Hydration for Runners Product Overview

“How do I know which is for me,” you ask? You can stop by any of our locations to check out some of our amazing hydration products and ask your questions on what may be right for you. You’ll be able to test out water belts, handhelds, and vests to see what works best! Here’s the run down on advantages of each and why we love them.

Hydration Vests

Nathan Vest

If you’re in it for the long haul, a vest is for you. We carry different sized bladders and also an option without a bladder that allows you to add your own or just use the included bottles for a lighter load or a shorter run. Vest are great for trail running or long runs on the road because it carries more water than her handhelds and is  hands free.

There is also a ton of storage in most vests, so you can carry your nutrition, phone, and any extra layers that you shed during your run. They are gender specific and adjustable so you can get a nice, snug, personalized fit.


Nathan Water Belt

One of the most versatile options is a hydration belt. They are adjustable so that you can get a comfortable fit that doesn’t bounce around. The belts come with 1-4 bottles already on them (creating up to 40 oz. you could carry!) plus at least one pocket for your gels, phone, Kleenex, etc.

Depending on how far you’re running, you can take the bottles on and off so you’re not carrying more than you need. Another advantage is that you can mix up your product so that you have some electrolyte drink and some water. The bottles can move around a bit, so it’s important to make sure that you have the belt and bottles adjusted to your body.


Nathan handheld water bottle

For a shorter workout or an event that has aid stations to supplement your own nutrition, a handheld is a great option. The sizes run from 8 to 22 ounces in plenty of shapes and colors so everyone in the family can have their own. Many come with pockets to hold your other necessities and one even has a technology pocket that allows you to use your smartphone while on the move.

Some friendly advice from people who have used them: switch hands every so often to avoid any potential shoulder cramping (we wouldn’t want your muscles to develop lopsided!).

Enjoy the warmer weather, and remember to stay hydrated! You’ll feel better not only during the workout, but afterwards as well, so you can keep up with and enjoy the rest of your day.   Stop any of our locations to find the right hydration option for you!

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