Holiday Gift Guide 2011

By Elizabeth Jenkins

Looking to really WOW your running loved one this year? Looking for the perfect gift to make them squeal with excitement on Christmas morning? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a gift guide to help you figure out exactly what the runners in your life want under the tree this year.

This post will be organized by type of runner. Sometimes it’s easier to go that route rather than by wondering “what would so-and-so like?”

The Non-runner who doesn’t want to be a Runner. Ever.:

  • A membership to the Jelly of the Month Club. That there is gift that keeps on giving.
  • A VitaMix blender.
  • An iPad.

The Non-runner who wants to be a Runner:

This group of gift-getters is probably the easiest to shop for because 1. They need everything, and 2. They don’t know what they like and don’t like yet so your chances of messing up are pretty slim.

  • I would highly suggest a pair of running shoes. Nothing will be more well received than a shoe fitting from our knowledgeable staff at Salt Lake Running Co. We will take them through the entire fitting process, including the Biomechanical Analysis, to ensure they get into the right shoes.
  • A running outfit. Giving the gift of non-cotton running apparel is welcomed by pretty much anyone who enjoys sweating daily. Cotton kills. Remember that.
  • A running bra. A supportive running bra could save your loved-ones back, her life, and probably your marriage.

The Casual Runner:

  • An iTunes Gift card to keep them entertained while on the treadmill.
  • YurBuds. These head-phone adapters are quite possibly the best invention to keep your ear buds from slipping out of your ears while running.
  • Non-cotton socks. Convert to them now. Avoid blisters later.

The Regular Runner:

  • A Sweaty Band to keep their hair from going crazy!
  • A running-themed Christmas ornament.
  • A new pair of running shoes, because they probably burn through a lot of shoes. (If they have bought their shoes from us before, we can look up the right size and right shoe to make sure you get it right. We can also look up clothing sizes!)
  • Stickers which scream “I’M A RUNNER”
  • The Nike Sportband. It’s great for the regular runner because it gives all the important data, but none of the geek-out freak-out data.
  • A foam roller to help them stay injury free!
  • Nike Pro Combat half-zip long-sleeve top.

The Avid Runner:

  • Garmin, Soleus or Nike GPS watch.
  • Nutrition! Gels, electrolyte supplements, bars…always great to add a little extra oomph to your gift.
  • Compression socks or sleeves
  • SOCKS. Ask any runner… you can never have enough.
  • Ice Breaker merino wool underwear. Help keep their keester from freezing off.
  • Pay their way into their dream race. They will most likely do it if someone else has invested in them too!
  • Pearl Izumi anything. Pearl Izumi makes amazing, high-quality products any runner will be sure to LOVE.

For any more suggestions, feel free to ask any sales associate while you are in our stores to help you find the perfect gift. We can definitely help!

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