Growing Joyful Footspeed!

by Tom Miller

Tom will be doing a clinic at the store on July 27 at 12:00 and 7:00 relating to running form.  As the author of Programmed to Run, Tom was way ahead of his time in encouraging athletes to incorporate barefoot running into their routine to help the body learn proper biomechanics through slow strengthening of the feet and lower leg muscles.

After forty years of competitive running and having PROGRAMMED TO RUN published when I was 60, I figured (with typical modesty) that I knew everything there was to know about “how to run – right.” However, a number of factors conspired to change my mind. The results, I am now running faster than I have in 10 years (by 10 minutes in the half marathon), enjoying and appreciating my running more than ever, and a couple weeks ago successfully completed the Coeur d’Alene Ironman Triathlon, consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile marathon – all at the ripe “old” age of an ever younger 68. My secret is simple: deep practice to grow talent. Bet you never heard of it. I hadn’t.

In this workshop, I’ll share my experiences with this concept and suggest practical ways that you can incorporate the principles in your running. Along the way, we’ll let our bodies tell us how to develop more efficient running form. We’ll discuss the current controversy about “barefoot running” and the advantages of trail running for developing strength,  endurance, agility and learning to be ever lighter on your feet – regardless of age, sex, or body build. We will also discuss the importance of enhancing leg, core, and overall strength and balance, each of which we lose at an accelerating rate as
we grow older. If you are at the stage where you can no longer run as fast as long as you used to, endurance may not be the problem, but declining strength. We’ll discuss the related scientific research and my “at home” solutions for overcoming these potential performance robbers. Finally, we will touch on nutrition – the forth discipline in longer triathlons and endurance running. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Gotta run, Tom.

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