Garmin 310 XT–Pro’s and Cons

By Seth

The Garmin 310 XT , one of the running gadgets that the old Sean Connery –James Bond would totally covet. Who would have ever thought that you could wrap so many features around your wrist?

Things I love about my Garmin 310XT

  • New battery last 2 ½ times longer than the previous Garmin watches, 20 hours total.
  • Super accurate GPS distance measurements.
  • I can swim while wearing it, this comes in handy for aqua jogging.
  • The Heart rate strap is comfortable and adjustable.
  • The display has large enough numbers which I can read it even when I am tired and running hard.
  • The band is narrow enough to fit on my small wrist without moving around.
  • When the watch gives some type of alert, ie distance, pace, time, and etc, then it not only chirps at me, it also vibrates.  It is nice to know for sure that it is my watch giving a signal.  Especially when hundreds of other people in the race are wearing GPS watches.
  • Garmin updates the hardware on your watch with needed updates.  Then I don’t have to come switch in the watch when I find a small glitch, rather I just upload the latest updates, and I am ready to go.
  • Very easy to navigate through the menus.  (My 9 year old nephew had no problem using it.)
  • It is very easy to see the information I download from the Garmin on the website.  After a simple registration process, I can look at graphs of my time, speed, heart rate, and approximate elevation on an easy to read graph.
  • There are only two things to put on, the heart rate strap and the watch, and then I am ready to go slam any workout.

Things I would change about my Garmin 310XT

  • I would extend the battery life to last at least 3 days.
  • Get faster connection with the Satellites.  So I can turn it on and run without waiting for signal.
  • Make it lower profile and lighter on the wrist so I could wear it all the time.
  • Have it come in a variety of colors.
  • Have the heart rate in larger numbers on display without having to customize the watch.
  • Have coaching features in the watch to help obtain my training goals.
  • Have it communicate with an ipod to tell me my distance, heart rate, pace and time.
  • Install the heart rate strap in the band out the watch, so that it was only one piece. (I would only do this if it was just as accurate as the chest heart rate strap.)

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