Fall Fashion 2013 Preview

By Amanda Theobaldout-fit-6-1024x676

Fall is my favorite time of year to run. The respite from the heat is so revitalizing that I just get pumped. As autumn colors fade onto the trees, it transforms running a normal route into a totally different experience. It smells like cross country season every single morning… And new running outfits.

Most people probably don’t think about fashion when they think of running clothes. However, unlike during the summer when you are trying to wear as little as possible (while still keeping your pride and minimizing offense), in the fall you can wear shorts or capris, or you can layer, giving you the option of always being at a comfortable personal climate and looking adorable.

Because I love clothes so much I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my favorite fall pieces right now. Sorry guys this is really only relevant for the ladies, although of course they make capris (manpris), long sleeves, jackets, etc. for you as well.

Let’s start with your go-to bottom on those chilly fall mornings: the capri.

If it is barely warm enough to wear a capri instead of a tight, I’m going to wear a capri. They feel more comfortable than a full tight, more feminine, and I feel like I have better range of motion.

There is more to a capri than you might think. For one, they actually do come in different lengths. For example, the Brooks Infiniti Capri ends just below the knee, whereas the Nike Essential Crop ends a few inches above the ankle. This might marginally affect warmth, but the biggest difference is going to be aesthetic.

I personally prefer a longer cut, because I am kind of short.

Other things that make a good capri: a wide waistband is generally more flattering and can feel more comfortable.

Check for pockets, mesh behind the knees and reflective hits if these appeal to you. My absolute favorite capri right now is the Moving Comfort Urban Gym Capri.

photo 8

It gives you the option of varying the length with a small ruche detail and tie on the sides. It has a lot of spandex so it feels tight and supportive without sacrificing range of motion. This year they come in mélange prints, which are not a solid color but not an overwhelming, busy look. It looks good on everyone.

Now for some of my favorite long sleeve tops.

You might think these are all pretty much the same, but you would be wrong. For example, the Nike Element Hoody vs. the Nike Element 1/2 Zip.

Out fit 4

They are made of the same material, but the hoody (obviously) has a hood, a kangaroo pouch pocket in the front, and fold over mitts on the sleeve. While the 1/2 zip has a long zipper for venting, thumbholes, and no pockets. Both are absolutely adorable, super soft and great for layering once it gets really cold.

Another totally unique piece is the Brooks Equilibrium Baselayer. This is a super stretchy, wide-meshed shirt, providing excellent ventilation and wicking. If you layer a top above it all those holes in the mesh will become pockets of warmth.

It’s a really unique looking piece, with a seamless, sewn-in print that reads “run happy” all over it.

My final favorite is the Moving Comfort Chic Tunic. It is a long sleeve, thumb-holed, turtleneck, long-bodied top. It’s like a really short dress, so you would want to wear it with a longer tight short or a capri. It has a great, soft fabric and a drawstring around the hips so it won’t bounce around while running in it.

photo 41

This top is definitely something you could wear every day, all day, and no one would guess you were in a running top.

Come October we will have a few other great pieces as it gets even colder, including some awesome shells and insulated vests from Nike and Brooks. Some great bottoms include really light down reversible skirt from Brooks, and a variety of colored tights from Lole.

That’s the thing about fashion – there is always something new and exciting coming right around the corner.

Until then, come to our Lady’s Night Tuesday, September 24th to see all these cute clothes in person, get your nails done, get fitted for a bra, eat some delicious food, and mingle with other lady runners!

Why do you love to run during the Fall season?! Comment below to be entered to win a Nike Swag bag filled with great items perfect for Fall running! The winner will be selected by 5pm (Tuesday, Sept. 24), and announced at the end of the Fashion Show during Ladies Night, Sept. 24, 2013. (Winner must be present to win!)


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