Why Fall is the Best Running Season

by Taylor Schweitzer-Harper

The beautiful colors, crisp fresh air, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes.  These are just a few reasons why fall is my favorite season.  One of my all time favorite parts of autumn is running.  Why you ask? What’s so great about running in the fall in comparison to any other season? Let me tell you!

To start we live in a beautiful place. The mountains can be seen from almost any direction. In this wonderful season, they light up with beautiful reds, yellows and oranges.  I recently adventured into the “art” of trail running. Getting to see the beautiful colors up close and personal takes it to a whole new level.  Trail running in and of itself is wonderful because you get to be in close contact with nature.  But trail running in the fall season takes the cake.

I’m one to indulge (well, maybe over indulge a bit) in all the fall snacks. Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays.  Green bean casserole is my biggest necessity. I love, pumpkin spice lattes and pretty much anything pumpkin flavored for that matter.  Warm apple cider to hold between my hands when walking outside through that crisp chilly air will warm the soul.  My biggest weakness though are those awful little cutout, sugar cookies that have Halloween characters on them.  I could eat the whole batch in one sitting.  So to be frank, fall is the season where I really need to get exercise to burn off all those extra tasty calories.

Running clothes for fall are also extra awesome.  I love the cozy capris and running tights. They also do a very nice job of making all body types look perfect.  The long sleeves with thumbholes and hoods make me feel like I’m wearing a hug. Lets just put it this way; I love that cozy feeling.

It is nice to have a break from that constant heat and sticky feeling you get when you come home from an extra toasty jog. Running through crisp clean air makes the lungs feel brand new.  The sound of leaves crunching under those shoes is so refreshing.  My all time favorite part of fall running though,  is when I come across a street where all the trees are bright yellow and they cover the road to form a canopy.  It feels like I am in this tunnel where time has stopped. Nothing outside of me and that tunnel matter for that short moment.

So fellow runners, in conclusion, lets get out there and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather! Explore new places, find that timeless fall tunnel and that awe-inspiring trail of colors.

Fall Running

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