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Katcina Mosa 100k

August 5

A VERY, VERY challenging, difficult and scenic loop course through the Wasatch Mountains above Provo, Utah. About 42% will be on the same course as the Squaw Peak 50, but in the opposite direction. These sections are Mile 2.1, Pole Heaven to mile 16.27, Rock Canyon and mile 24, just past Big Springs to mile 38.5 – Little Valley. The trail will be flagged just as well as the SP run. It will consist of – 48% dirt trails, 44% dirt roads and 8% paved. Elevation gain is 17,404 feet and loss is 17,404 ft. 13,000 FEET OF ELEV. GAIN BY MILE 28.5 IN 3 SEPARATE CLIMBS. THEN THE LAST HALF ONLY HAS ABOUT ANOTHER 4,000 FEET OF CLIMB


“Kat’cina Mosa” is the Hopi spelling for the – Cat Kachina. Above is a collection of some of my Kachina dolls with the Kat’cina Mosa in the middle. The Cat Kachina is also sometimes referred to as a Black Cat Kachina. It’s history is interesting because it was origanally inspired by a Navajo runner who ran from place to place giving notification of an approaching ceremony and inviting their neighbors.The following is a little bit more history and info about Kachina Dolls or as the Hopi spell it Katcina.
There may be over two hundred fifty Katcinas known to the Hopi Indians of Arizona, they appear on the Hopi Mesa’s on seasonal basis, starting from December through July. On Third Mesa, Qoqole’s first arrive in December to “open” up the kivas for more Katcinas to come, they bring with them their comical behavior and crops from the past harvest. Soon after, night dances are followed, starting from January through March. Katcina day dances are held from March through July, ending with the Home dance. The Katcinas are then returned back to their homes, at the San Francisco Peaks, Kisiau and Waynemai. Katcinas are supernatural beings to the Hopis, they are manifested as messengers from the spiritual world. They are friends and visitors to the Hopi people, they bring gifts and food. Upon returning to their homes they are prayed to for prosperous life, bountiful harvest, rain and good health. They are believed to be supernatural beings in spirits of good people who have once lived a good life and have returned in various Katcina manifestations. They represent various beings, from animals to clouds and are believed to be in some form of hierarchy, a form of kingdom. There are chief Katcinas, Eototo and Aloha, He-e-e is the female leader to the Warrior Maiden Katcina, in these warrior Katcinas there are also colonels that lead them, Ewirzo is one of them. Ewirzo only appear in Katcina day dances, a ritual to clowns, along with other warrior Katcinas. Some Katcinas bring messages, such as cooperating, behaviors of individuals and the consequences of their behaviors. The old Hopi lives were centered around agriculture, Katcina dances, social dances and other religious activities. So far they have long remain to their traditions and cultures, although the most important societies are no longer practiced at most of the villages today. Their main source of food use is from their family gardens. Majority of the songs of Hopi are based on agriculture, rains for the crops and bountiful harvest.


August 5


Hobble Creek Golf Course
5984 Hobble Creek Canyon Rd
Springville, UT 84663 United States
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