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March 26 - March 27

Start Times

Since everyone always asks when the races start, here are the times:
100 Mile – 10am Friday, March 26
50 Mile – 6am Saturday March 27
50 Mile Early Start 10am Friday March 26
50K – 8am Saturday March 27

There WILL NOT be an early start option for the 100 mile. There is an early start option for the 50 mile, it is to start at 10am with the 100 mile runners. Please sign up for this ONLY if you have serious doubts about your ability to go 50 miles in 12.5 hours.

2020 Rollovers to 2021

Update January 15, 2021 – If you want to use your rollover or credit from the 2020 race, please email me.
I have to upload those individually. It just takes a couple of minutes for me to do it. Once I have it ready I will respond to your email. Thanks for your patience.

If you signed up for the 2020 event, here are your options:
I have a master list of everyone who signed up for 2020.
If you received a 30% refund, you will get a 70% credit towards 2021 provided you haven’t used it for another Buffalo Run Adventures race in 2020.
If you ran the virtual race for 2020, you will get a 20% credit towards 2021 provided you haven’t used it for another Buffalo Run Adventures race in 2020.
If you did not opt for either of those options above,then you will receive a 100% credit towards 2021 provided you haven’t used it for another Buffalo Run Adventures race in 2020.
This is a percentage of the entry fee you paid in 2020.
Please let me know before you sign up as I have to enter these manually. Yes, it will be a pain for me, but that’s ok.

Refund/Transfer/Rollover Policy

We will refund your entry, less the service fee, provided you let us know before the February 1st deadline.
The race does not have to be full.
There are no rollovers for any Buffalo Run Adventures races.
There are no transfers for any Buffalo Run Adventures races, except see below for this race.
The entry fee you pay is for this year’s race and covers this year’s supplies, fees, insurance, etc.
If you want to transfer to a friend, you MUST do it through this registration page. Unofficial tranfers are not allowed, so don’t just sell your friend your bib. This is a liability issue.
If you are out running the race and get hurt and can’t communicate with us, I have no idea who you are, who to contact, etc.
Plus it has the potential to really screw up results. So don’t give/sell your buddy your bib.
The best thing to do is to get your refund and have your friend just sign up for the race.

Entry Stuff

First, the 25K will have its own day, March 13. If you want to sign up for the 25K you will need to go to https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=71081 . If you plan on signing up for the 50K, 50 mile, or 100 mile, this is the place to go.


All of the courses will remain the same. No changes at all.
The 50K will follow the same format as always, two trips around White Rock and Split Rock trails. All you 50K runners make sure you turn around at the White Rock aid station at the trailhead at the fence. Do Not go down the dirt road at all and don’t cut it short.

The 50 mile course will be the same as usual. Maps of the various courses are on the race website, www.buffalorunadventures.com.

Other Stuff

If you need any other information, just go to the race website. It has lots of pretty pictures and cool words, plus a fair amount of race information. Check it out at www.buffalorunadventures.com


March 26
March 27


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