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Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K

March 13


Here’s the information for the 2021 Antelope Island Buffalo Run. Not much has changed for 2021. Once again, we are splitting the 25k off for it’s own date.

COVID-19 Info – At this time (September 16, 2020), we don’t know what things will look like next March. However, we have been able to successfully hold all races in 2020 in person, except for the Buffalo Run. We would anticipate this to be the case for 2021. There may be certain safety protocols (masks, weird timing details, etc.) that will need to be adhered to. We will do our best to keep everyone informed and up to date as to what is going on.


Dates and Times


Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K:

  • March 13th, 2021
  • 9:00am

Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K, 50 Mile, 100 Mile March 26th-27th, 2021


  • March 27th, 2021
  • 8:00am

50 Mile

  • March 27th, 2021
  • 6:00am

100 Mile and early start 50 Mile

  • March 26th, 2021
  • 10:00am
  • 10:00am – Yes, we are having all 100 mile runners start at 10:00am. There WILL NOT be an early start option for the 100 mile. You’ll now have 32.5 hours to complete the race.

TRAINING RUN DATES: This year training runs will resume. They will be held the first Saturday of each month starting in November. Routes will be posted to the Buffalo Run facebook page.
Most trail runners in the Salt Lake City area are now well aware of the island and how awesome a winter training ground it is. There are usually multiple groups going out to various trails during the weekends. Check out the Wasatch Wrangler Facebook page, as there is always postings about island runs through the winter. As a volunteer on the island, I will also be out there running as well. I’ll try to remember to post on the Buffalo Run facebook page as well as the Wasatch Wrangler page, when I will be out there and the details. See our FACEBOOK Page for full details.


Registration should be open by October 1st, 2020.

Go online here to sign up for the 25K, go here to sign up for the 50K, 50 mile, or 100 mile. Electronic registration only. If you think it’s a good idea to run both the 25K and one of the other distances, you can sign up for that on the 25K registration page. You’ll get a whopping 10% off the second distance. One of the few times you’ll get an entry discount from me. Make sure you enter before either the race fills, or the cutoff date. Once past the cutoff date or entry limit, it’ll be hard to persuade me to let you in. You may have to grovel before me.  I like groveling, it’s fun to watch.  If needed, I will have a wait list for each race..

Entry Fees for 2021 (No Price Increase for 2021)

25K – $71.76 ($81.93 after Jan. 31)

50K – $88.24 ($98.37 after Jan. 31)

50 mile – $99.29 ($109.48 after Jan. 31)

100 mile – $197.13 ($207.56 after Jan. 31)

Refunds, Transfers, Rollovers

Discount codes – There are none, don’t ask, I don’t do them. The only way to get a discount is to VOLUNTEER!

I now have an official refund, rollover, and transfer policy, you can find it here.

Entry Limits

  • 25K – 400 runners
  • 50K, 50 mile, 100 mile – 400 runners

Course Description

Ok, you’ve made the decision to read a bit further about this little event, here’s a description of the various courses. The 25K and 50K are the same, and the 50 mile and 100 mile are the same, for the longer races you just go around the course again.


Go from the start out to the White Rock trailhead. Turn a sharp left at the trailhead at the fence and head uphill. Keep going uphill. After a couple of miles the trail levels off. Stay on this trail and follow it as it goes on the saddle on the east side of the island. The trail turns back west. When you get to the fork with the bench, keep going straight and up the hill to the Elephant Head aid station. Stop there, get drinks, food, drop bag stuff etc. Then head out on the Split Rock loop, going down Death Valley first. Run that loop until you get back to the Elephant Head aid station, do your thing there. Once you leave Elephant Head, you head back towards the east until you get to a sweeping left fork in the trail on the saddle. Go left here and follow the trail along the hillside and around to the front side. Go down the hillside to the White Rock Bay aid station. If you’re doing the 25K, keep going to the finish, if you’re doing the 50K, head back out for another trip. The elevation gain for each trip around is about 2000’.

Please note that the 25K/50K courses run a bit long on the mileage. The 25K course runs about 16 miles and the 50K course runs about 32 miles. I have people complain about that every year. It’s a trail race, we don’t wheel it for accuracy in distance. At least I don’t charge you for the extra mileage.

50 mile/100 mile

Same trail as the 25K/50K except you will be doing the Elephant Head trail out and back (3.6 miles RT). You must do the Elephant head Trail before you head out on the Split Rock Loop. You have the option of doing it before going out to run the Split Rock loop or as you’re coming back from the Split Rock loop. Either way you gotta do it. To verify that you’ve done it, there will be a plastic container with a roll of stickers in it at the turnaround. Take a sticker and put it on your race bib. If you don’t have a sticker on your number when you finish, then we don’t know if you ran it or not. BTW, while you’re out there, enjoy the views to the west of the island, they are breathtaking. Anyway, go back to the Elephant Head aid station, do your thing there, then run the Split Rock trail if you haven’t done it yet, then finish up the White Rock trail (this is all so confusing!). Once you get back to the trailhead, turn right and follow the dirt road going east along the fence down to Mountain View trail. Say hi to the cool aid station people along the way. Once at the Mountain View Trail, turn left and go one mile to the trailhead then turn around head south to the ranch (11.4 miles). Along the way, say hi to the wonderful aid station folks at the Mountain View aid and the Lower Frary Peak parking lot. When you get to the Ranch, turn around and head back north. Say hi to the folks at Lower Frary again. Once you get to the fence, turn left and head back up the hillside. DO NOT go out to the trailhead. Grab something to eat and drink from the Mountain View aid station. Keep going along the fence. As you top the hill you’ll see a dirt road that veers off to the right. Take this road. Follow it to the paved road that goes to the park office, then continue north about 200 yards to the “T” intersection. Turn left and go up the paved road about 100 yards to a trail that goes off to the right. Follow this trail to the Bridger Bay aid station. Get your eats and drinks and get ready for the final four miles. Follow the campground road for about 200 yards to the Lakeside trailhead (campsite #12) and then follow the trail around the north end of the island and back to the start/finish. There you go, you done finished 50 miles. Now just go out and do it again for the 100 mile. The elevation gain for each trip around this course is about 3800’, so the 50 mile actually has less gain than the 50K. No wonder people say the 50K is tougher.


March 13


Buffalo Run Adventures


Antelope Island
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