Energy Medicine Part 1: Hardware and Software by Dr. Michael Cerami

Over the years we become accustomed to the way we look in the mirror every morning. Most of us takefor granted what’s staring back at us, until that “thing” in the mirror doesn’t behave the way we want itto. Then it gets our attention; especially if we are an athlete.

Because I’m a visual person, I’d like to introduce the basics of Energy Medicine by looking under the surface, inside your body as a new way to look at health and wellness. If you can get an idea of how the body is working, it will help you solve your own problems and give you a better “language” when dealingwith health professionals.

The first concept is what I call Hardware and Software. Hardware items in the body include the physicalparts: bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc. Everything that has a physical component ishardware, including even the small stuff: cells, organs, glands, etc. Software items, on the other hand,don’t have a physical space. They are processes that coordinate and communicate with the hardwareand tell it what to do. Software is the biological information traveling throughout the body by way of thenervous system, blood vessels and even connective tissue.

Basically, the hardware does what the software tells it to do. Want to speed up your run and finish with a PR? Software impulses (brain thought) are sent to hardware (muscles, glands, organs, etc) viathe nervous system and blood vessels. This software action is initiated and constantly coordinatedwith tissues, for example increase heart rate and respiration, cooling your body through perspirationand more. The hardware also sends software messages back to the brain and other tissues about itsenvironment.

The interesting thing is that the entire body acts as a conduit for the software. There is information traveling all over your body constantly. The old paradigm was a linear system with messages going frompoint A to point B. Energy medicine research shows that all cells act to transfer information over entiresystems that were previously thought to be irrelevant. In our office we do a procedure, with the Cold Laser which I learned from Dr. Jeff Spencer, Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor. In brief, we identify a weakmuscle through a series of tests and then use the Cold Laser to “up- regulate”, or turn on, the muscle from another location in the body. The change in the muscle strength is dramatic and occurs because the light energy of the laser works through the connective matrix to affect the nerve that was involvedwith the weak muscle. Most people are stuck in the old science model because they learned at a very young age that the problem is where you hurt or are weak.

While wisdom is timeless, old models of thinking don’t always work in a rapidly changing world.  Ultimately, your body doesn’t care what model you believe in. It will heal faster and perform better withwhichever model is more effective.

Getting better results in anything, including running, may require new thinking. Begin with gettinga grasp of what your hardware and software do. Well build on the Energy Medicine concept in nextmonth’s article: Joint alignment and its effect on pain threshold.

Dr. Michael Cerami is an avid runner, cyclist and triathlete. He is available for a consultation one Saturdayper month at Salt Lake Running Company (Salt Lake store) by appointment. He can be reached at 801-486-1818 or online at www.utahsportsandwellness.com

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