Your Story–Brad Anderson

Here is one of our 10 winning stories for a Moab half marathon entry. Definitely one to remember when the going gets rough. At some point, it gets tough for everyone, but only some people decide to fight back. Brad, even with some doubt and difficulties, you most certainly came out of the corner fighting!…

Your Story–Tracy H.–50 yrs.

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My story begins as a full-time professional athlete, competing internationally for Canada as a Ballroom and Latin dancer. To support my habit, I taught 35-40 hours a week of dance lessons plus everyday a 2 hour practice session with my partner and two hours of ballet and stretch classes on a weekly basis. I also…

Your Story–Don M.–55 yrs

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A great story about how it is never to late to start running, to have a goal and do speedwork! I started to think fitness after a boating accident @ Pineview. I had to do daily rehab. and started going to the Stewart Rehab Center for help. Then I was nominated to run with the…

Debbie’s Story

My story starts out as any tomboy story would. I spent all the growing up years playing sports as much as possible and trying to get out of brushing my hair or wearing a dress. That athletic drive led me somehow into running cross country as a sophomore in high school and from that point…