Refuse Defeat!

This post is about not giving up even when the stakes are low. You see, it’s easier to be motivated for your runs or cross training sessions when you are training for something, but what about when there aren’t any races on your horizon? Right now, I’m not training for anything other than to be…

Get Real, Get Organized, Find Your True Self and Have More Fun.

t took a few years of repeating the same pattern until I started to notice a trend. I wasn’t a robot that could constantly follow the “ideal schedule” (life tends to throw things in our way) and more importantly, I would get burnt out by mid to late February and be totally bored of trying to squeeze everything in. It was starting to feel like a second or third job and the joy was gone.

A letter to the cat-callers

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            To Cat-Callers, I don’t speak for all women runners when I say this, but I think the majority would agree- we love to get cat-called when we run. We love getting into a groove, only to find an entirely new groove as the sound of shouting causes our bodies…

Sport defines us

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By Dr. Michael Cerami As I was riding up Big Cottonwood Canyon last week, I was wondering why I put myself through this pain on a regular basis. Why can’t I just get used to hanging out on the sofa and rubbing my dogs belly for hours at a time? What’s the matter with me?…

The Miracle of the Mantra

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By Guy Perry Years of racing have taught me wonderful lessons.   Some of this lesson’s have carried over directly over into other aspects of life.Other’s haven’t.   Like GU.  Does it serve any other purpose? One of the key pivotal points I picked up along the path of the racing school of hard knocks…

Race Goals–Picking a winner

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By Debbie Perry Disappointment.  That is one word that most people would rather not feel after finishing their race. Yet, it happens. But, why? What is happening out there on race day to cause some people to feel bad about their race? Now sometimes there are things that happen beyond anyone’s control, like a cancelled…

Race Self Talk

By Debbie Perry “In the beginning, it’s hard to understand that the race is not against others but against that little voice in your head that tells you when to quit.” Charles Brenke After all the preparation in training, the time comes to pin on the race number and herd yourself into the corral that…

Sometimes change will do you good

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By Debbie Perry Ah yes, the predictability of the normal routine, the well traveled path and revisited goals.  Humans are creatures of comfortable habit for sure. I can’t say that it was an easy decision to move the “flagship” Highland drive SLRC location after 15 years of yearly growth. But, we were in need of…