My First Triathlon & Tips I Learned

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by Kim Frei My first triathlon would never have happened if my father didn’t decide to get into the sport. My dad doesn’t have a history of athletic abilities or a miracle pill that suddenly makes exercising not hurt so much, but in the last year he has shown a huge amount of determination. I…

Breakfast for Runners

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by Coach Lisa Menninger One of the most frequently asked questions I get from the folks I coach is concerning breakfast and what to eat before a run. The answer should to take into account what is going on physiologically for the body and its needs when you run. I will answer two things then: 1)…

Dealing with the Injury Demons

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By Dr. Michael Cerami I decided to write this month about my experience in dealing with a knee injury that occurred 6 years ago. What seemed like a career ending event turned into one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I hope it can provide some insight for other athletes. I hope it can…

Old Dogs, New Tricks

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Dr. Tom Miller Author of “Programmed to Run“ Nearly 40 years ago, while both stationed and Camp Smith in Hawaii, Walt Esser and I discovered trail running on the Aiea Loop Trail, high above Pearl Harbor. While still active duty Marines, we met at Stinson Beach near San Francisco to run the infamous Double Dipsea…

Energy Medicine Part 1

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Energy Medicine Part 1: Hardware and Software by Dr. Michael Cerami Over the years we become accustomed to the way we look in the mirror every morning. Most of us takefor granted what’s staring back at us, until that “thing” in the mirror doesn’t behave the way we want itto. Then it gets our attention;…