Bras for Little Boobies

By Amanda Theobald

A/B Cup Bras

It’s true, we talk a lot about bras at the store. It is an important piece of equipment. But I feel like the smaller chested women don’t know what is out there quite like the bigger chested women, because it isn’t so in your face when you have a mediocre bra. Get it? Whoo, good one. Furthermore, they may not recognize the different options that are available to them. But the A/B customer actually can be more comfortable in a more supportive bra, and have more options than they may realize.

So here are some bras we love at the store:

Nike Pro Combat Compression Bra: This is our number one seller and there not much more to be said about it. Its got the nice little swoosh in the front and is a basic flatten you out compression bra. They make it in lots of colors that can be fun to coordinate with different outfits.


North Face “Stow-n-Go” Bra: This bra is a fairly standard compression bra but is made of a really soft, thick fabric. Its shining feature is its pocket system. The front is two layers of the compression material, making a pocket big enough for multiple gels, phone, money, etc. To make it even better, sewn into that little pocket is a smaller pocket that will fit Chapstick, a key or small mp3 player. I use my regular bra as a pocket all the time, but my stuff is right next to my skin so it gets sweaty, my skin gets dented and it isn’t as comfortable. This bra is really awesome.


Moving Comfort Alexis Bra: I not only run in this bra, I also wear it as a regular bra. One nice thing about having smaller breasts is that you can have thinner, easier to hide straps, because they don’t have to support as much. The adjustable straps on this bra connect into a nice V on the back, which is a flattering look. The back is also made of mesh, making it cooler and faster drying. This bra also has padding, so anyone that hates their shape in a compression bra will love this one. Also they use ground up coffee beans in the padding, making it dry faster and have antimicrobial properties, so it won’t get all gross. The padding also conceals any evidence when you start to get a bit cold, if you know what I meant.

Moving Comfort Urban Gym Cross Over: This bra is the latest bra to come to market from the best bra makers in the business. This bra has an a/b option, or a c/d option. It has nice padding, flattering seams color pops, and adjustable straps. The straps cross in the back giving a very young look. It is surprisingly comfortable for how supportive it is.


Brooks Glycerine Bra: This bra is also a nice, padded bra option and has two split straps that provide a nice feminine look. It is also a very feminine, cute print. This bra isn’t as tight as the Alexis and is a bit softer and more comfortable in my opinion, while losing a tiny bit of support.


Icebreaker Baselayer Bra: This is not a high impact bra, but it is super comfortable for your low impact aerobic activities. The nice thing about wool, especially next to your skin is it wicks super well and does not change temperatures when its wet. So, in the winter, usually if you get sweaty out on a walk or cross country skiing and then go to breakfast or tea you and your boobs will freeze. Not in this bra.

Well, there are some options for more comfort, more support, and a more flattering look. And don’t forget, even bras built for smaller chested people wear out in about a year of regular use.


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