Bra Running

By Amanda Theobald

There sure has been a lot of talk about minimalist footwear these days- heel to toe drop angles, the weight of shoes, shoes meant to be worn sock-less, etc. Yet this dialogue has entirely neglected minimalist apparel. Thatʼs right, Iʼm talking about running around in underwear. Not just any underwear, Nike Pro Combat shorts and bras. These hot little items are among our top sellers. Most runnerʼs donʼt wear them as stand alone pieces but as layering, wicking pieces in both summer and winter months.


I wanted to get awareness out there that you can wear these as stand-alone pieces.

The shorts: These shorts are available in 3 separate lengths- 2.5”, 5” and 7”.They are my go-to short in summer months. They are a very thin material (some colors may be slightly transparent so be sure to try them on). They stay put pretty well, and hey actually stay in place really well if you are sweaty–one reason why they are the perfect short for Bikram Yoga. Of course they tote the big Nike Swoosh on the left leg (as if we donʼt all feel a bit more athletic when we look down and see that swoosh on our leg). They are as basic as a short can be- no pockets, ties, extra seams. Just a nice with a comfortable, thick, and usually contrasted color waste band. 

The bra: This is a basic pullover bra, our second best-selling bra. It works well for women who are an A to a small C cup. It says reversible on the tag and it is but the seam on the band is a little unfinished on the reversed side so I’m not really sure why it says reversible. I assume it really just reverses so if you are wearing it with regular or sheer clothing the swoosh is not

visible. This is my favorite bra. It is comfortable all day (I really do wear these all day), wicks well,  doesnʼt stretch out quickly, has flat seams so it doesnʼt chafe, and is generally offered in matching colors to the Pro shorts or other pieces in the line! I know that not everyone is comfortable showing off skin while running. But it is comfortable and less hot if you care to try. Most of the girls I know who run in just bras and shorts love it. When I was younger I was scared to go on runs with just a bra. I was scared I would look fat (even though I was skinnier then than I am now) or people would think I thought I was pretentious, or showing off. Now I just go for it. People come in the store and say “I see girls running in just this and I canʼt believe it.” Then I tell them that I am one of those girls and its most comfortable for me. Try a “bra run” if you want. Guys take their shirts off. Girls can too. But these items are great for any runner, covered or uncovered.

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