Bombs In Boston

By BJ Christenson

Boston Marathon logo 2015

Yesterday was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.  Like the races of years past it started with anxiety, nervousness, hope, and dreams.  This year however it ended in many ways the way it began.  As the world now knows the running world was rocked by an act of evil.  The scene brought back memories from the Olympic bombings to the World Trade Center and any other senseless acts where innocence was the target.

Yesterday however was an attack on my running family.  My running family is large and numerous and we accept all who wish to pursue with passion the love of running.  We want everyone to be part of the family even if you are not physically able to run and confined to a wheelchair.  We want you if you can’t hear, or see, or talk. We don’t discriminate we only love.  We love you all, because in our family we are united by the common bond of the pursuit of human excellence.  Our family is united regardless of religion, gender, sex, color, height or sexual orientation.  And at the end of the day even when we are in the midst of a dueling battle we will shake hands,
give a hug and give respect where it is due.

As yesterday’s race was ending, a new fear emerged.  The fear of not finishing in a certain time was replaced with fear and anxiety for oneself and others.  Hope for a new PR or just a finish was replaced with hope that everyone was safe and that none were severely injured.  Instead of just fulfilling a personal dream to cross the finish line we dream that this type of thing never again has place in our gatherings or any gathering for that matter.  We hope and dream that those who were killed rest in peace and those who were injured rise and live to run another day.

Yes, our running family was wounded yesterday but we take care of each other and will rise to run another day.  Perhaps even more than now we will reflect more about our family members and encourage all to come on in and partake of our lovely sport.  We love every one of you and hope that your dreams and aspirations of excellence continue to grow stronger from this tragedy.  After all we are in this fight together and as the song goes “ain’t nothing gonna break our stride.”

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