BJ’s Kona Chronicles–Pt. 2–Race Eve

By BJ Christenson Well the day has finally come and I am looking at the final 24 hours before the race and I wonder if there is anything else I can do to prepare for the Ironman.   The answer in case you were wondering is NO, the hey is in the barn.  One of the hardest things to do out here on the big island during race week is to resist the urge to just go out and train hard every single day.  On appearance it would seem that everyone is doing just that because you can not go down Alii Drive during daylight hours and not see hundreds of people running or cycling.  Everyone has their method and time they go workout so it seems like everyone is training all day and here I am doing a quick workout and then off my feet for the rest of the day.  There is just so much energy around this town you have to check your emotions at the curb and stick to your plan.

Here I sit on race day eve reflecting on the past weeks excitement and now the nerves are starting to set in.  However I know that this is one long race and there is no need to get too hyped up patience and staying focused on your plan are key to success in the lava fields.

It is hard to put into words the atmosphere that comes to Kailua during race week.   These are the fittest and fastest long distance triathletes in the world and wherever you look you see them.  Yes this is one giant nucleus of adrenaline and hormones and if this stuff was flammable the island would be ablaze.  All hormones aside the race week is also the biggest triathlon expo with almost every company that has a say in the sport making a presence showing the latest and greatest they have to offer.  Not only is the expo filled with great products but it is also full of seminars with industry scientists and professional athletes.  I did not go to the seminars but if I were a spectator I would be there all day because they really have some top notch clinics.

This year I brought my son to the race and he was able to participate in the kid’s splash and dash.  This is the race that really matters and the kids do an excellent job of showing the adults of what being in Kona is all about.  This year was particularly special and near and dear to my heart because Will the Thrill was racing and though he was the last one across the line I could not have been more proud than the way he stuck it out and kept his smile through the finish line.  I have the entire story on our website blog under Will the Thrill at www.bjandchrystelnow.com and you are all invited to read it and browse the pictures.

As I said before this place is truly special and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to raced with the best  and see what limits I can overcome on race day.   The conditions here are some of the toughest on the planet and that is what makes this race so special.

And so today I make my final preparations for the race.  Check and recheck the bike, go for a quick swim and a little jog.  But most of all relax and stay hydrated and enjoy the day with my family.  The theme for this years race is “The way of the warrior” and as a warrior I fight for my family and race to honor them and the sacrifices that they have made so that I can fulfill my dream.   In Hawaii the word for family is ohana and I am grateful for my entire ohana and the support and encouragement they have given me.  Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement and I hope to perform my best and will use your aloha to help me fulfill my goal.   So for now I rest and tomorrow I battle and embrace the spirit of the land and the sea.   Talk to you again after the race.   You can track the race and all the athletes at www.Ironmanlive.com and see a lot of videos on all the action that has been happening this week.

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