BJ Reports from Kona

Well it has happened again. Another year has gone by and once again I am here to report on the upcoming Ironman World Championship.  Yes this is Kona, The big one,  the race of all races.  In the world of triathlon, it’s a pretty big deal. The biggest deal.

Truth be told, I marvel how fast time flys because coming back to the Island feels like I was here but a few moments ago.   The journey to get here is a hard path.  Lucky for me I have a supportive wife and she helps me pursue my passion.  It is without a doubt a tough journey and she has helped me get through the good and the bad.

It has been said that Kona is the heartbeat of the sport of triathlon and it is hard to disagree during race week in this small city.  This is an international fair where English is often translated into a multitude of foreign languages for all the international athletes.

The expo has expanded yet again and many of the triathlon related business debut their latest products here for the first time for the public to see.  It is an amazing time of year and all the time training and racing is about to come full circle.  So for now I lay low and keep my nerves calm and wait for the cannon  Saturday Morning.  Until then best of luck to everyone chasing their dreams.

Here are a few of the local athletes you may want to track on race day at Ironmanlive.com. There are a few other athletes from our area racing but I didn’t get your bib number. so good luck to all.



B.J. Christenson. #1544
Jared Preston  #1018
Ali Black             #1483
Spencer Woolston #1500
Emily Ure.           #1842

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