Amanda: Training for My 1st Marathon

by Amanda Theobald

(Part 1 of 4)

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am training for my first marathon. In fact, it is exactly one month away. I decided in October I was going to do a marathon during 2014 because I turn 26, so it’s the golden year of the marathon (26 years old = 26 miles). I will be writing a blog for these last four weeks of training, since many people will be going through a similar experience this year. Whether you are doing a marathon or a 5k, taking running to the next level can be scary.

I guess I will start by talking about myself as a runner. I don’t overpronate, but I do wear inserts. I am not good at being consistent with my iron or calcium/D3 supplements. I beat myself up more than I encourage and congratulate myself. I feel like I am always injured/maybe I am just a pansy. My favorite running fuel is Gu Jet Blackberry and Hammer Montana Huckleberry. The farthest I have raced up until this point is a half ironman. I do have a coach, BJ Christensen, who I can’t thank enough for dealing with my terrible whininess.

Now for things I have learned up until this point in my training.

The most important thing is to stay healthy. If you have to cut some runs short, or cross train a few days, its better than hammering through. That’s how I trained for my half ironman and I trained through 9 months of tendonitis, some bronchitis, strep throat and finally an injured rib on race day. Needless to say, I did not do amazing. So far this time around I am still healthy. Not to say that I don’t hurt.

Running hurts, but the depth and consistency is what matters.

Also the longer the run, the more you will love compression sleeves. I knew they worked, but didn’t really use them before. Now I know better.

Running on a treadmill is terrible but doable. If you are new to the treadmill here are some tips. Make an amazing playlist. If you start to get bored, don’t go faster to get it over with. You will still be bored, but also overwhelmed and over-exerted. Plan a break beforehand when you can get off and grab a drink of water and re-focus. I usually choose between mile 4-6 depending on how far I have to go. Try to match your pace outside by feel, not by how fast the treadmill says you are.

Other awesome things about training. I had my highest mileage week ever. Yahoo for small accomplishments along the way! Also, while I did lose five pounds without trying, I have also focused more on training and enjoying my body, rather than on my size and shape. This is largely in part to this blog by Lauren Fleschman. And something not so awesome…I fear I am losing my speed. On that note, happy training everyone!

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