Athlete Testimonials

I started running when I was 12, ran my first marathon by age 13 and considered myself to be a great runner. However, I didn’t quite know what I was doing. I would read runners world magazine and other books about running to learn how to get faster so I could achieve my ultimate goal of winning state in something track related. Debbie Perry became my coach after my Sophomore year, so I only had two years with her. But within those two years she helped me become more of a runner than I ever thought possible. From not even being able to break a 5 minute mile sophomore year, with her help and expert knowledge on nutrition and sports science; I was able to run in the 4:20’s, discover what events my body type was made for, and achieve my goal of winning state in the 800 and 4*400 meters as well as being the runner-up team at the state cross country meet. She instilled in me a passion and love for running that will never leave me. I wish I had a Debbie App on my phone to give me training and nutrition advice everywhere I went. If you want to improve your speed, endurance and your overall understanding of running, Debbie Perry is the coach for you.

Abe Weeks, 2012 Utah State Track and Field 800 meter Champion and 4X400 relay.


Nutrition consultation and seminar Testimonials

“Debbie Perry sets the standard for excellence in teaching ability, health knowledge, approachability, personal dedication and above all, kindness and generosity. She is a pillar of outstanding athletic skill and sheer determination. Debbie represents the very best of human endeavor and reliability. We are honored by her friendship and continuously impressed by her attitude, growth and commitment to the profession of sports nutrition, health and fitness.”

Dr.C & Mrs.T (Cory & Tracy Holly) Cory Holly Institute


Debbie’s advice on protein intake significantly improved my training and performance. I maintained weight, avoided injury, recovered faster, and never felt that I was starving myself.”

David Warden, 3-time USAT All-American, Elite coach with TrainingBible Coaching, Owner of powertri.com


“I’ve known Debbie Perry for over 10 years and have attended a number of her nutritional seminars. I feel her material and presentation is right on and up to date for providing athletes and everyday people the information they need to navigate the nutrition and supplement maze in today’s world.

In our clinic, we find that our average new patient is taking a variety of supplements but unfortunately has no real program as to why they should take them, how much they should take and how often. This leads to the assumption that their “nutritional” needs are handled, when really the patient is not getting anywhere near what they need. Debbie’s program solves this problem by clearly outlining what’s necessary to improve your health through nutrition.

Debbie’s 2 hour program is a wonderful resource that explains things clearly and gives you the resources for making changes in your diet and life. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her work and presents her material in a very understandable and practical way to make it easy for you to implement. I highly encourage anyone looking to improve their health and performance to attend this program.”

Dr. Michael Cerami – Utah Sports and Wellness www.utahsportsandwellness.com


“I had been vegetarian about 5 years when I started consulting with Debbie. We decided to add some serious high quality lean protein to my diet and start training like I never had before.  By applying these principles of nutrition and training, I was able to take my body to a new level, and feel good about it!  The addition of high-quality protein to my diet, as well as before, during, and after workouts, allowed me to train and be a mom-and have energy while doing it! After having my first baby, I felt like a menopausal 55-year old.  I had no energy and I was definitely having some worrying signs and symptoms indicative of hormone imbalance.  After talking to Debbie, I learned exactly what I needed to do.  Adding a bio-identical hormone has made all the difference in the world.  I am a much happier, healthier, person thanks to the advice and help of Debbie.”  ~Stephanie Vause Christensen


“Debbie Perry has given several presentations for our triathlon club, the Timp Tri Club, as well as worked with several of our individual athletes.  Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and information, but her passion for what she is teaching is motivating and inspiring for all who attend.  Every one of my athletes that has attended Debbie’s seminars has benefitted and improved not just their nutrition but their athletic abilities and quality of life as well.”

Coach Keena Schaerrer – USA Triathlon Certified Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, BS Recreation Mgmt/Health: B.Y.U., Founder/Coordinator of the Timp Tri Club


“The principles and guidelines I learned from Debbie helped me overcome a debilitating case of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my 30′s. My arthritis was so bad I couldn’t even pick up my baby when she was one nor get off the floor without help. I strictly followed what Debbie taught me and was able to wean myself off of all the medications I was taking for pain and to help me function. My doctor actually reversed my diagnosis saying, “rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t normally take this course.” I have been medication and arthritis free since September of 2004! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Debbie Perry.”  ~Jen Dickson


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