Hometown: Don’t really have one: Texas originally but most recently Ashland Oregon

Family: Happily married for four years; no kids yet

Education: Working towards a degree in Business Management 2012 and then and MBA 2013

Years Running: 5

Avg Weekly Miles Ran: 25-35

Avg Weekly Miles Biked: in the summer about 100; in the winter zero

Avg Weekly Meters/Yards Swam: about 2 miles

Favorite Run: The Wild & Scenic Trail on the Rogue River (43 Miles from Graves Creek to Agnes)

Favorite Bike Course: Don’t have one?

Favorite Workout: I enjoy being punished at CrossFit NRG; James and Dave run a brutal show there. 

Favorite Race: IRONMAN is a fun one…

Dream Race: Western States 100

Current Running Shoe: ASICS Fortitude

All Time Favorite Running Shoe: Anything that fits (14-4E)

Current Running Goals: Looking to knock out a 100 miler- Pine To Palm in Ashland Oregon

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