A letter to the cat-callers







To Cat-Callers,

I don’t speak for all women runners when I say this, but I think the majority would agree- we love to get cat-called when we run. We love getting into a groove, only to find an entirely new groove as the sound of shouting causes our bodies to jerk like we are being startled during a scary movie. There is nothing better than cozying up in newly opened head space and then letting it fill up with the voice of every hollering man driving by.

We wish you would shout out your address so we could run by later and get to know you better. We love the smell of exhaust when you rev your engine at us at stoplights; you guessed it, it gets our engines revving too . We especially like it when you call us derogatory names. If we flip you off, or shake our fists at you, we are only teasing; like I said, we really like to be cat-called.

Is it instinct you’re acting upon? Because it almost sounds like you’re barking at us. As if the skills of enunciation and volume control give way to some primal instinct. Are we developing a new sort of mating ritual on these urban streets? Although, for some reason every man I talk to finds these elusive shouting voices inappropriate and immature. Who are you cat-callers and why won’t you admit it so I can date you? Your motive is a mystery, as you shout at us as we run by minding our own business. Nevertheless, keep it up because it makes us feel like whole, respected people. You seem like the type that would have that sort of intention.

Don’t worry, silent cat-callers, we won’t forget to thank you. The strong silent type. You know who you are; you hang out your window to get a longer look at us. You insist to act as if we can’t see you as you ogle us as we are stopped at intersections. Just happy we could entertain you for a moment.

Really that’s why we run: to show off the goods, get a little attention There are few things I love more than to be yelled at while I run. What could be viewed as sexist or demeaning I know is really just complimentary. To cat-callers everywhere I hope you never stop, and I hope you someday have daughters who are cat-called. And you teach your sons to cat-call. And we can always live in a world where it is appropriate to objectify women for their bodies.


Amanda Theobald

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