Product Review: Native Eyewear

By Adam Pritchard


Yeah, I know…he’s a cool looking dude. Bob Dylan probably wasn’t a runner, though. How do I know this? Well, apart from his chain-smoking habit, I have other evidence. I have some pretty styling Wayfarer sunglasses (Like the hater blockers pictured on Mr. Dylan’s skull above) I have taken those bad boys on a couple runs in the past when I’ve been in a pinch. Ouch! That hard plastic bridge was a-bouncing on my nose bone! Don’t get me wrong, I looked good, but who ices their nose after a run?

I decided to stop messing around and nabbed myself a pair of “Hardtops” by Native Eyewear. Now, I don’t mean to geek out with technical terms here but with the advances in Googling we can all sound like an expert. The nose pad on my Natives have this soft stuff called Cushinol which grips and doesn’t smash my nose bone. Native even has a couple styles that comes in an “ss” model for ladies….or “xp” for the men with less than aerodynamic heads!

Apart from that, all Natives have Polarized Crystal Carbonite lenses with N3 polarization technology. “Hey dude, what in Robert Allen Zimmerman’s name does that even mean?” Well I’ll tell ya! Impact resistant lenses that block 100% of harmful UV light and eliminate glare for better depth and contrast! Tell me that isn’t important on the trail! My Bob Dylan style Wayfarers aren’t even polarized and they were the same cost! Plus, my Wayfarers didn’t come with a second lense, soft case, and hard case for the price. These glasses are also super lightweight! Each Native piece weighs less than an ounce. You won’t notice the weight of these things. The sign of a good sunglass: You forget it’s there! To top it all off, Native has a Lifetime Warranty! With the addition of their new Odyssey line you can get all those benefits I just listed and style that will leave Mr. Dylan in your dust!

Check out Native Eyewear at Salt Lake Running Co!

Happy Trails Everybody!



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