7 Tips to Help You Get Back into Running

by Anna Bernard

Many resolutions at the start of a new year involve some sort of fitness goal, whether it is running your first marathon or shedding a few extra pounds. However, these resolutions are not always easy to keep. If you’re stuck in a rut, coming off of an injury, or looking to start running here are 7 tips to help you meet your goals:

1. Sign up for an event: Having a specific goal (and a little money invested!) can really help to boost your motivation to train. Also, tell friends and family about your upcoming event so that you will feel accountable and they can be a source of support when you’re feeling low on motivation. Watch for our upcoming blog on the Top 5 Races in Utah.

2. Find a training schedule (and stick to it!): There are plenty of great, free training programs available online that you can print out or apps for your phone. You can find plans for 5k’s to marathons, as well as for a sprint triathlon, on our website. A great (free!) app to track your workouts if you don’t have a GPS watch is MapMyRun, which will tell you distance, pace, and calories burned as well as save your routes and workouts.

3. Get fitted for the best shoes for you: A good shoe is essential for any training plan. There are an overwhelming amount of options for running shoes, so let an expert help you find the best one for you! We recommend coming in to Salt Lake Running Company for a running analysis, which will help us put you in the best shoes for your feet and help prevent injuries right from the start.

4. Join a group or recruit a running buddy: Having a friend, a training group, or even a dog can really help keep you going, especially on your longer runs. You can keep each other motivated and accountable, share your pride in your successes, and commiserate just a little, if necessary, before you get back at it again. Check out Lisa’s Training Group, which meets at Salt Lake Running Co.  if you’re interested in having a professional coach and a great group to run with! We also have free running groups every Thursday at 6pm from our 700 East location and every Saturday at 8am from our store in Draper.

5. Ease into it: One of the biggest mistakes when trying to get back into running is starting too fast, or thinking that you can just jump back in where you left off. It’s important to start slow and listen to your body to prevent injury. Being a little sore is normal, but any long-lasting or sharp pains should be looked at by a professional.

6. Cross train: Balance is important in all aspects of life, including running! Insert a few days of training other than running into your plan. Whether you bike, swim, weight train, or take a class at the gym, mix it up with something you enjoy! Check out our free Winter Yoga series every Monday night at 700 East and Tuesday night at our Foothill Village location at 7pm starting in January, taught by CorePower instructors!

7. Keep your head up! It’s easy to get discouraged if you miss a workout or have a not-so-stellar run. BUT, use all of the tips above and remember that a setback doesn’t have to put an end to your goals!

Keep your head up, remember why you’re running, get back out there, and enjoy yourself.

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