50 Running Resolutions for 2014

By Jana Peale

50 resolutions

The year is already coming to an end and while most of our attention is focused on getting presents for everyone on our holiday list, we also get this time to make New Year’s Resolutions! Not only are resolutions a fun way to get ready for the new year, but they are also a great way to evaluate how well we did this past year, and decide what we want to accomplish in 2014.

From the seasoned runner that already has many marathons under his or her belt to the runner that just picked up the sport last week, we all have goals we wish to improve upon. In case you are not sure what that may be yet, here is a list of 50 running resolutions to choose from! Pick one or more and stick your goals in 2014!

    1. Run more hills.
    2. Run in any weather.
    3. Learn the benefits of V.I.P. dressing to run comfortably in the cold and snow.
    4. Run a marathon.
    5. Run a half marathon.
    6. Run a 10K.
    7. Run a 5K.
    8. Run a mile without stopping.
    9. Find a running buddy.
    10. Run in an event every month during 2014.
    11. Explore new neighborhoods on your runs.
    12. Start using the wood chips instead of the concrete at Liberty Park.
    13. Do an interval workout once a week.
    14. Train to run further.
    15. Train to run faster.
    16. Take care of your nutrition while you run.
    17. Hydrate!
    18. Give up the high sugar sports drinks.
    19. Find a new way to cross train.
    20. Take up yoga.
    21. Learn to powerlift.
    22. Learn proper running technique.
    23. Do a mud run.
    24. Run for fun.
    25. Stop complaining before you start your run. (This is at the top of my list)
    26. Make a running routine.
    27. Run at least a mile every day for a year.
    28. Try a two-a-day.
    29. Walk, instead of stoping, during breaks.
    30. Foam roll after every run.
    31. Join a running group.
    32. Take care of your injuries.
    33. Train with the proper equipment.
    34. Improve your flexibility.
    35. Create a new running playlist every week or month.
    36. Create a game to play with running at the park: everyone you pass is a point!
    37. Run with your dog.
    38. Run even on vacation.
    39. Qualify for Boston.
    40. Win a race.
    41. Pick a training plan and stick to it.
    42. Trail run more often.
    43. Do a color run, or another fun run.
    44. Do a triathlon.
    45. Get your children into running.
    46. Get your friends into running.
    47. Be safe. Where your reflective gear consistently.
    48. Pick a way to reward yourself, like brunch after your long run.
    49. Don’t be discouraged after a bad day.
    50. Remember why you love the sport!

What running resolution will guide you through 2014?!

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